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so where's the pic? and where do your folks live in maine? just went over the piscataqua bridge 4x last week - 10/24 to pemaquid to close up the house, 10/27 down to providence/Brown & back (meetings & showing my daughter campus) and 10/29 back to ohio...we love that bridge cuz it means we're close to home...but I won't see it for 7 months :(

Your mom...again

fine ill change my linkedin avatar. on the other hand, I really enjoy dishing out fake info on the web as much as I can - especially avatars. call me paranoid but there are about 5 million opportunist hackers out there just looking for the right amount of info to yank and use to rob you of your identity - granted the avatar is fairly useless in this scenario- but thull find some way to leverage it. -MH

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