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twitter? twitter scares me! lol
I might someday. Thinking about it...


Came back and read this again today because it's a really brain-sparking post. I think that web/mobile/local/personal interconnection is growing more possible and real by the day and it's a wide open landscape to see big ideas develop. Wheels spinning! Glad to reconnect and agree with Deb - twitter would be a good outlet and source of inspiration!

Cheers -



now I see the pic - thanks! what a great post -- Jason - help me get this dude on twitter!!!


for sure I will check out Linchpin.

Also glad to hear the Madone is rocking. While I plan to keep the bike company writing at the bike company I do have to say, THANKS A MILLION for being a Trek Customer! It sounds trite but we really do appreciate your business and excitement about our products. We really do try to put the love in...hope you feel it in the products we make.

Jason Pamental

Hey Chad - glad to see you're as fired up from BIF6 as I was (an am!). Great to meet you there and I'm looking forward to following your rants/writing until next year. (and if you haven't yet, read Linchpin from Seth Godin. Perfect complement!)

ps - still LOVING my Madone. I've racked up almost 3,000 miles on it since late June!

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